The Brent Run Video

Thanks to everyone who was patient while we put this video together.  Mark gets all the credit for the editing and the hours that he spent putting this together.  We hope that everyone enjoys this just as much as we enjoyed our 39 hour trip!

Darren and Mark


2 thoughts on “The Brent Run Video

  1. Thanks for the offer Derek. It sounds like you are quickly gathering a large group of people for your annual Brent Run Trip. It is such a great idea to allow new people to experience the Brent Run with others and for the veteran Brent Runners to push themselves further.

    We are not naïve enough to say that we will never do another Brent Run. With the passage of time the pain seems to be forgotten, but the glory remains.

    Timing for this trip next year may not work out. We are planning to do the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney Provincial Park next spring and I’m afraid that we would be pressed to do both trips.

    That being said we may take you up on that invite for a future run.

    Darren and Mark

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