Kevin Callan:  The Happy Camper

Mr. Callan is a homegrown canoeist and author who has written extensively about tripping in Ontario.  He was a big influence in my life (Darren) growing up.  Up The Creek and Brook Trout and Blackflies were fixtures on my nightstand growing up.  Mr. Callan provides some great Brent Run history and information in a number of his books.

Jeff’s Algonquin Provincial Park Map

Jeff has painstakingly provide an extensive electronic map of Algonquin Park.  This map is crammed full of canoe and hiking routes and an array of facts about The Park.  Thanks to Jeff for providing such an amazing resource.

100 Push Ups

This site provides a very simple, but effective workout program that gradually builds committed participates up to completing 100 push ups in 1 set.  I (Darren) often turn to this program to get me back into ‘workout’ mode and it effectively couples well with other training programs.  I have yet to hit the 100 mark, but perhaps this time around.


Nuun (pronounced ‘noon’) is a product that we have used for a number of years.  It is an electrolyte replacement system, similar to Gatorade, but in a compact and sugar free form.  It comes as a large dissolvable tablet that reacts with water.  Simply place one tablet in 500ml of water and in a few minutes you’re ready to enjoy one of their many flavours.  It is lightweight and compact and it will certainly be joining us on our 2014 Brent Run adventure

Swift Canoe & Kayak

Mark and I will be completing our Brent Run in a 16′ Outfitter Canoe from Swift Canoe & Kayak. This canoe was purchased back in 1990 and what better way to celebrate it’s 25 season than with a Brent Run! Swift is a leader in Canoe & Kayak making and offer a variety of makes and models for all user types.


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