Avid Canoeist and Photographer Darren Placido, a Brent Run vet, and fellow adventurer and photographer Mark Highfield are setting out to complete an historic canoe route located in Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario Canada, known as The Brent Run. To say the Brent Run is a challenging route is an understatement. Its a 160km (100 mile) route, 20 km of that portages. These two also plan to document the experience on film (well, digital). They will do a modified/unofficial Brent Run. They won’t have a cedar strip, and won’t start and finish from Canoe Lake. For Logistics reasons, the journey will begin at Canoe Lake, but they will set up a basecamp at Joe Lake and start and finish the run from there. Video footage wil be captured using GoPro cameras and Nikon DSLR’s. The adventure is set to begin in June 2014.Check out the history of the Brent Run and the other tabs. If you’ve done the run or something similar – please share your experience!!


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  1. I’ll look forward to seeing your end result! I’ll be heading out at 5am tomorrow for my own Brent Run- Canoe-Brent-Canoe in 1 shot!

    1. All the best on your adventure. Mark and I encourage you to share your story with us as well. We both love hearing ‘war’ stories. We are both very much open to any tips or suggestions that veteran Brent Runners wish to share as well.


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