Site Update!

Mark and I are happy to announce that we are making it even easier to find us.  This site is now registered under

We have made this adjustment to make this site more accessible and we hope that anyone and everyone connected with The Brent Run will share this with their friends.  Please continue to check in or sign up for the Entries or Comments RSS feeds. 

Mark and I have lots of cool ideas planned for the blog so keep connected. 

Darren and Mark


New Content

Mark and I are excited to launch our first video regarding The Brent Run.  This video titled “The Brent Run in 2 Minutes” outlines details of the route and some other information. 

It can be found by linking from the “Video” or “What Is The Brent Run” sections of this blog.



Darren and Mark 

Lake Louisa Trip

Mark and I just got back from an early season Algonquin trip.  We hammered out a 6 day, 5 night trip from Smoke Lake, down through Big Porcupine Lake and into Lake Louisa.  It was a great opportunity to test out some camera gear, get the winter rust off and enjoy The Park at a relatively quiet time of year.  The great weather was offset by the bugs, but overall it was a great trip. 

We are getting excited for our upcoming Brent Run…stay tuned for more. 

Darren and Mark


Early Season Trip

Mark and I are just finalizing some plans to hit the waters of Algonquin Park next week.  This will mark our first trip of the season and hopefully knock a little bit of the winter rust off. 

The trip will start from Smoke Lake and move south through Ragged Lake and Big Porcupine Lake.  From there we will make our way east down the Head Creek until we hit Lake Louisa.  Next we travel west into McGarvey and back up to Big Porcupine Lake.  In total we will take 5 or 6 days and enjoy the area.  This is the first time either of us have tripped this section of The Park.   

We will also be in the hunt for some early season Lakers and Brookies and test out some of our camera gear before heading out for our Brent Run later this season.  Hopefully we will be able to put together a recap of the trip soon after returning. 

If anyone have tripped this area before and have any advice or tips, we are all ears. 

Darren and Mark