Your Brent Run Story

Have you completed a Brent Run? Whether it was official or not please post your time and share the highlights with the Brent Run Community!!

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6 thoughts on “Your Brent Run Story

  1. Love the blog. Good luck. I hope the weather cooperates for you.

    I’ve done the Brent Run twice now and this year I’m going for my third attempt. I’m hooked. I’m part of a group that is now onto its sixth Brent Run attempt. People have come and gone over those six years – mostly come, tried it once, and then gone never to return. But there are a core group of die-hards who’s pride is on the line. Hell, we even have a trophy. This year we’ll have eight boats taking part including two mixed teams and one all female team. I don’t want to call it a race – it’s more like a challenge with some extra intrigue.

    My first Brent Run (with my super awesome paddling partner Erik) was magical. It was a new moon with not a cloud in the sky. With just the stars to light our way at night we had a pretty amazing experience. We hit the beach after 34 hours and immediately started discussing how we could go faster.

    Year Two was a bit more challenging. We had moonlight with some cloud but it was the temperature that nearly killed us. We were traveling light and fast (but not dumb – we were prepared in case things got dire) and overnight the temperature dropped to -5 degrees Celsius. On the portages the water would run off the hull and onto the freezing cold aluminum gunnels which felt like live wires in your hands. We made it through and in our sleep deprived state we just couldn’t fathom the fact that we were the first boat back in only 28 hours.

    So Year Three presents itself. Obviously, our ambition is to go even quicker. We’d love to finish first again. But you cannot control the weather and winning isn’t the point anyway. It’s the challenge of besting your own fears – of overcoming the limitations you put on yourself. One hundred miles in a little over a day under your own steam. I never would have thought it possible. It never would have even entered my mind.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Derek.

      There is a certain bred of person out there that enjoys pushing themselves (read: torturing oneself) to the limit. The Brent Run is not only a physical challenge but a mental one as well. Factor in the ‘unknown’ that Mother Nature will undoubtedly provide and you are in for one insane challenge. In a day and age when people flock to a lot of “Tough Mudder” style events to test their limits, it is great to hear that some people achieve this in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

      It sounds like we might need to reach out to you for some Brent Run tips and advice. With only 1 Run under my belt I feel much more confidant and prepared and I enjoy learning from others as well.

      You’re group of paddlers sounds amazing. Out of interest, when are you planning on organizing your Run? Once you have completed it, we would love to hear from each and everyone about their experience.

      Regarding our Run we are planning on documenting the experience thoroughly. Watch for more posts, photos and videos about the experience.

      Good luck with your Run Derek.


    2. How important is water level on the Brent Run. We were thinking of doing it around July 28th this year. There is only slightly less daylight than June 21st. There is a full moon. It’s warmer. Fewer bugs. Sounds ideal. But reading over some of your’s and others experiences, it sounds like everyone did it earlier in the season. Are we risking midnight encounters with rocks on some of the river sections?

      1. I don’t think that lower water levels will hamper you too much. There is one section in the Joe’s that might require portaging at low water, but other than that I can’t think of any other areas where low water levels would be an issue.

  2. Hey Darren,

    We are leaving in two weeks. Can’t wait.

    I can’t promise that everyone will report back to you – we have nine boats taking part – but I’ll be happy to.

    Also happy to offer any insight or advice before you guys go.


    1. Mark and I wish you and your group all the best. I was in The Park last Wednesday and all of the lakes were still 95% frozen over. Hopefully Mother Nature kicks it into high gear and smartens up.

      We look forward to your safe return and the stories that come along with it.

      All The Best,

      Darren and Mark

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